When the Student is Ready…

When the Student is Ready…The Teacher Appears! When one Door closes…Another one opens! We have all heard these saying, but for me never has it been so true over the past 14 years.

I have always had the desire to be a guide for people, bring like-minded people together to empower them for self-care, self-healing. Now is that time, we are all looking for answers!

I have spent the last few years studying; training and adding tools to help me help people better achieve their goals. To help you become the best you and to celebrate that! Callanetics with Rhonda in Calgary

When I started to teach fitness classes I began to notice, to hear and learn there was far more to it than I initially realized.   More to it than simply exercise and diet, that was not the whole answer. There are so many contributing factors and every single person is different. Just because you’re thin, doesn’t mean you are healthy. Strong doesn’t just mean physically!

2015, the time has come to encompass all of that; the time has come to evolve and expand.

One of those things is the ‘guide’, my website. My new Website is called ‘Integrated Wellness with Rhonda’ www.wellnesswithrhonda.com   new email address info@wellnesswithrhonda.com

Celebrating the Most Fabulous You!!  Mind – Body – Spirit

I am still teaching fitness classes, group, semi-private or private. Now offering Integrated Wellness Workshops and Retreats, either facilitate by me or with other wellness professionals. I offer semi-private or private sessions; Craniosacral Therapy, Reflex Integration, Myo-fascial Release and Body Mapping.

My goal is to help you first create awareness, as it is the first step in healing or change. From there help you find the path you need to be on for your unique journey. Whether working with me or with the network of other wellness professionals, your overall well-being is the goal.

Start your journey to a healthier, stronger You TODAY!


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  1. That is great news Rhonda. I am really intrigued by the Wellness Retreats you mentioned.

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