Wake at the same time every night?


Wake up at the same time every night?
Or maybe you have a time of day that you are drowsy?

Recently I co-facilitated a one day wellness treat, the theme for our retreat was the Liver.  Bringing about awareness of messages that our bodies were sending.  Whole foods that support and gently detoxify.  Movements that help strengthen and release.  We had a great day.  We told people to be aware of changes or shifts that may happen that day or even into the next couple of days.

I left the retreat feeling quite good, excited about how the retreat turned out, slept really well that night, as my usually – a good 7-8 hrs!  The next day I was off to another function feeling energized, that too went really well and home for a relaxing evening.  Then at 11:00p it hit me, I was wide awake?!  I had no idea what was happening, oh, maybe the time change?  Brushed it off and thought ‘just relax and go to sleep’.

NOPE!  It was now 3:00a I was still wide awake, I had never experienced anything like it before?  Then around 3:30a, the abdominal pain started.  This intense pain in my upper central abdomen, I didn’t really feel sick to my stomach, it was not in my lower abdomen, just this intense ache!  I thought “I must have picked up some flu bug”, surprised as I have not had a cold or flu in years, I can’t even tell you the last time I have had one!!  I think that I actually managed to doze off around 4:30a, then woke up around 7:00a to begin my typically busy Monday.  I was still in pain and felt exhausted I just knew I would not be able to attend my morning session, so I cancelled.  Had some breakfast, it sat ok in my stomach.  10:30a, made the decision to cancel my afternoon session, still in pain, had not slept any more.  Then around 3:00p, something just said to me “it like its sour”?!

SOUR?  Wait!!  Sour is the odor associated with the liver!  Have you ever had one of those Ah Ha moments, right then and there I did!!  I then thought, or maybe even said out loud “I should have some sauerkraut”  I did…the pain in my abdomen was gone!!!!  I truly believe that I had been through a natural detox.

That night I slept fairly well, woke up in the morning not feeling fully rested, but I totally missed an entire night of sleep.  That day was pretty good, went to bed at my regular time!  2:00a, I am awake again, with pain in my upper central abdomen.  I got up had a few bits of sauerkraut, pain went away and I was back a sleep in no time.

I have always been someone whose tried to eat healthy, but will admit to falling off the wagon on occasion.  I have never experienced anything like that before, as far as I can recall.  Was it a flu bug?  Did I detox?  But looking at the meridian cycle, according to Chinese medicine, 11-1a is the Gallbladder, 1-3a is the Liver.  That is the time of day that it is at its highest function.  It is believed by some that our body store our blood in the liver while we sleep.  All I know is, my body was sending me a message, was I listening?

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