Awakening Your Innate Ability!!

Awakening Your Innate Ability!!

Love - Wood

When we heal ourselves, we heal those who have come before us and those who are yet to come.

Many times I felt this inability to move forward, I felt stuck or struggling to move through what I can best describe, wet concrete.  Everything felt weighted down, hard, heavy.  When I was younger, I felt it was only me, I was alone in that struggle.  I have come to realize, and still work on, that we all have these moments, but we may call them different things.

In the beginning of this ‘new’ journey of teaching fitness classes, over a decade ago,  I quickly realized that I had less moments of feeling stuck.  I had an ‘a ha’ moment, with help, it was up to me and only me to make those moments less.  One very important thing was though, I needed to find the tools that would serve me the best.  I need to focus inwardly, on myself.  I needed to put myself before anyone else, I needed to be selfish.  I knew that I was loved, I needed to love myself.  In my, on-going, quest to find those tools, I had yet another ‘a ha’ moment, these would work for others too.  We all have similar needs, wants, we all could use more ease and joy!

What if there was more ease in your life?  More flow?  Less sense of struggle in all aspects of your life!  More ease would definitely bring more joy!  More joy would bring a better sense of satisfaction, gratefulness …. abundance!!  My struggle is trust, trust in myself and my innate ability.

In my classes, sessions, workshops, seminars, retreats and even quite moments with myself I focus on trusting me and my ability.

That is what I hope that I can bring everyday, to help others awaken their innate ability and align with that.  To feel ease and joy; physically, mentally and emotionally!!

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