About Rhonda

About Rhonda


This journey began in late 2003. One day having coffee with a friend, we started to discuss weight loss and she told me about this fitness or exercise program she had done 15 years prior from a book, Callanetics.  I said that I had never heard of Callanetics, she told me that she had done the program and felt that it had made a huge difference.

We decided that we would commit to a couple times a week we would get together to try and follow the program. Later that evening I was looking through my community newsletter and there was an advertisement for Callanetics, it was being taught in my area.

I immediately called the lady who was teaching the classes and my friend and I attended. After the first class I was hooked. I felt great after the class; I worked at my own pace. The results I saw were not immediate, but I felt the difference. I slept better, had more energy, I loved the class so much I knew almost immediately I wanted to train to become an instructor and share this amazing program.

Once teaching in 2004, I was really beginning to understand that there is more to it than simply finding an exercise program and eating right.

I expanded my training adding a number of modalities to my toolbox, developing a circle of mentors and a like minded network of Wellness professionals.

Joanne Freeman –Master Teacher

First Aid CPR/AED
Canadian Red Cross

Medical Terminology
Southern Alberta Institute of Technology

Alberta Fitness Leadership – Mount Royal University
Group, Older Adult, Anatomy/Physiology

Craniosacral Therapy – Cranial Therapy Centre
Introductory to Advanced

Touch for Health – International Kinesiology College
Levels 1 and 2; muscle testing, improve postural balance, reduce physical and mental discomfort

RMT – Rhythmic Movement Training International
Reflex Integration Levels 1, 2 and 3, plus Face the Fear

Myo-fascial Release
Based on the work of Elaine Petrone and Sue Hitzmann

Body Mapping
Based on the work of Anat Baniel

EduK – Education Kinesiology Foundation
Brain Gym (101), Optimal Brain Organization (201)

Bal-a-vis-x – Balance-Auditory-Visual-Exercises
Levels 1 and 2 plus Adaptive

DoTerra Essential Oils – Wellness Advocate
Cleanse – Uplift – Protect – Soothe – Empower
Reinvent Your Healthcare


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